Hello Friends

MT_Engagements-9114P I N____________________save this for laterOh my goodness, friends! I can hardly stand that I have a website! I mean, a real website! This is a dream turned reality thanks to the wonderful design skills of Julie Wilmes of Oddfellow Designs! And, it wouldn’t be a website without photos of our little family. So, I want to thank Kristen Dee of Kristen Dee Photography for her beautiful photos. Wow, pinch me! I have had my “Meggie Burr Photography” blog for 5 years and all the while I have been saying I’m working on a website. But, y’all, it finally happened! When I got married and changed my name to Taylor, I thought why not rebrand my entire business? And, that’s precisely what happened.

I couldn’t have done it without my friends and family…

To my parents, since I was born (well that could be a slight exaggeration), you have told me to find what I like and do it! The problem was, I liked so many things! But, the principle is true and because of you I have realized that there are much truer things in life than pursuing a job based on a salary or what the world reveres. You have shown me that it is ok to express myself and to hold onto a dream with determination, moxie if you will. It is because of you that I have stuck to this passion for as long as I have. And, I know that I will pursue it for a long time to come. Thank you for your encouragement, your constant shares on Facebook, and your unashamed boasting about your daughter to your friends. You have helped to grow my business in unimaginable ways over the years. Sister, you are such an encourager just by being you. You express your love for my work and you share it with friends. And, your pursue your own dreams wholeheartedly and without hesitation. You have shown me what it means to stick to something. You all are amazing and I am so grateful for you.

Husband, I love that you love and support me. You and I come from such different worlds and yet you accept and encourage my constant babble of ideas and my love for art in all forms. You share my photography with others and make me feel valued as a woman and as an artist. It’s funny to think that before we were even dating, I was photographing you as a groomsmen in a wedding! Thank you for being in photos with me (even though it is way more than you ever wanted to), for taking selfies with me, and for stopping every ten seconds to wait for me to take a photo. You are my love and the reason I can pursue photography as a business.

Amy and Jordan, I can hardly believe it’s been about four years since I met you, all three of us teachers, and all three of us wanting more. Amy, you and I talked photos and I will never forget standing outside of the auditorium when you asked if I wanted to go with you to assist you with a wedding! I was so exciting and I had no idea where it would lead me. That first wedding, I was so nervous I didn’t even bring my camera in. I just wanted to be your shadow(s) and see how it worked. You two have helped me to grow my business and have helped me to brand myself, critiqued me and encouraged me. Without you I would not be following my creative passions and artistic dreams. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough for two people who have done so much and continue to pour into me.

Brookelyn, I have to thank you for all the times I called you to change something on my blog! For someone who has such a “techie” job, I am so not computer savvy. I would have been lost without you. You made me a watermark before I even knew what a watermark was, and you have continued to listen to my ideas for my business and respectfully given me input when needed. Thank you so much my talented friend!

The list could go on and on, as so many of you have touched my business in ways that you don’t even realize. Friends, family, and clients! Oh my goodness, the kind and sweet encouraging words I have heard from my clients is unreal. You have supported me since the beginning. And that is a miracle, because as I look back on some of the photos I took five years ago I almost shudder. I have grown a lot and it is all because of the opportunities you have given me and the moments you have entrusted to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you all enjoy this blog, as it is a piece of me that I wish to share with you: raw, joyful, and genuine. xox Meggie Taylor



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