We’re Off to Africa

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Years ago Peggy Johnson came into our class and talked to us about an orphanage in Kenya. Since then I have wanted to go to Africa, to play with the kids, and if I’m honest, to see all of the animals! This year when Aaron and I started going to a life group at our church, our leader, Ronnie, started talking about going on a mission trip to South Africa. My ears instantly perked up and since day one (possibly before the class even started) I have been praying that I would be one of the people on the trip if it’s in the Lord’s will. Weddings, as you know are planned basically 6 months to 2 years in advance and as a result my schedule books up prior to knowing when many things are going to take place. I knew this trip would be sometime in July and I just kept praying that I wouldn’t have a wedding when we were supposed to go. Finally, they announced the dates and I started booking other July weddings and keeping those dates open just in case Aaron and I could swing the funding. Not too much time passed and they changed the dates. I was devastated. I had two weddings booked and I thought, why? Why pick the dates that I can’t go? But, I kept praying that if I was supposed to be on the trip, the dates would change. And, they did. I was ecstatic!! I truly believe each one of us in our group of 13 people were handpicked to go on this trip. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do and how he is going to use each of us.

So, here’s where I ask you for the favor. Please pray for us. Pray for the people we will come in contact with that they will be open to what we have to say and pray that the kids will feel more loved than they ever have in their lives. We will be mostly working with kids, working out with locals, visiting people in an AIDS clinic, and holding babies who have been rescued from the streets. Pray that we will be a light everywhere we go and that we will have safe travels (15 hours is a long flight). Thanks so much, friends! I will give you an update when we return!

With Joy, 


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