Manic Monday

Well, today IS exactly that, a “Manic Monday”, in every sense of the word! Last week, we decided to begin our multitude of home projects which left our house in complete disarray. If you are anything like me, everything else around me has to be put in order before I am going to sit down to start working on my computer. Working at home definitely is a challenge, as I am always thinking about the towels that need to be washed or the dishes that need to be put away. Unlike a 9-5 job, I have the ability to just walk into the kitchen and put the dishes away, but this would be a disservice to my photography job and to my amazing clients. So, instead of cleaning, I am typing!

Leaving Behind

Everything having to do with taxes. All the frustration, tears and my failure to write down my mileage, I am leaving behind. They are finally done! The good thing is that I now have a notepad that I keep in my car to write it down and I don’t have to deal with taxes again until 2017! Woot. Plus, next year will be much easier. I hired a CPA who does all my sales tax and I have been learning from Katelyn James‘ Monthly Duty Days. What a game changer!

The fear that if I leave Gus outside he will eat something and die. I know that probably sounds morbid, but last week Gus got into something and his face blew up like a balloon and I was so glad that Aaron was home to give him Benadryl. Poor baby. As his puppy mama, I am slightly scared to leave him outside while we are not home. What if he got into something and we weren’t there to give him Benadryl? But, I am leaving behind the fear. I would hate to leave him cooped up in his kennel all day. Here’s a pic of me and my miserable but still smiling puppy.

IMG_2442P I N____________________save this for later

Missing yet another BSF! I can’t believe how this happens! Every week something comes up that takes me away from it. I’m leaving behind the feeling of anger toward myself and the feeling of inadequacy. Instead I am focusing on the fact that I made it to another meeting (so I didn’t miss out), even though it wasn’t my own.

The fact that our house is a disaster! When a 4 year old walks into your home and says, “It is a disaster in here!”, you know there’s a problem. Aaron and I decided to do home projects which consisted of piling all the clothes in the bathroom (since the dressers were being painted), the TV and pillows in the bathtub (since we decided to paint our walls, too), and everything from the “spare bedroom” (aka the room we have no clue what to do with, so we pile all the random stuff in it) in my office. This might slightly explain the “Manic Monday” I am feeling. It is hard to get ready when you can’t even find socks. But, now we have 3 freshly painted rooms and white dressers! Celebration time!

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Taking with Me

This week, Aaron sanded our dressers in our bedroom, and I painted them… wait for it, WHITE! Yay! They look so clean and new! Now, all I have to do is pick the new handles that will go on them!

And, like I said, we painted three rooms in our house! The master bedroom is a light grey, the spare bedroom is also grey, and the guest room is now green (thanks Anthropologie for the inspiration)! Our house is finally starting to feel like our home! We are slowly but surely getting it put together! We never would have accomplished as much as we did without Aaron’s mom and dad! Thank you so much for your mad painting skills!

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Lainey (Aaron’s 4 year old niece) stayed the night with us, and Heather and I took her to see The Little Mermaid in Dallas! It was so much fun! She loved every minute of it… until she fell asleep. Thank you so much Mary Jo and Randy for such a fun Christmas gift! We really enjoyed our girls’ night, complete with a sleepover!

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I participated in a very fun styled shoot with some amazingly talented vendors. It was a vintage infused styled shoot in Cleburne, Texas at the Five Oaks Farm and it was worth the drive! Thanks so much to Victoria Rellas of Sweet Pea Events for all her planning skills and to all the vendors who donated their time and resources. I can’t wait to share lots of pictures!

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Easter brunch… ok anything with brunch has a special place in my heart. But family and brunch together is such dear thing especially when you are celebrating Jesus dying for our sins and raising again! It can’t get much better than that! Aaron and I hosted our first Easter brunch and it was very delicious thanks to Kathy’s famous sticky bun recipe and mimosas… always mimosas!

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Last wonderful thing… I no longer have to drive 35 minutes to get take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s!! They just opened one in Rockwall! I am a happy no cheese on my pizza kind of gal!

All photos taken with an iPhone.

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