Manic Monday

It only took me a year an a half to pick out the rug for our living room. At this rate, our house will be furnished by…never! Aaron and I joke that we have a nice house full of dorm room furniture and that is fine because you know what? It all functions, minus the bar chair that I broke while vacuuming. So, we decided that we would take our time filling our house and buy things that we are going to keep forever.

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A year and a half ago I found this rug at Anthropologie, cue the sighs since we all know everything there is gorgeous but totally too expensive. But, I looked and looked everywhere for a rug that would resemble the one I found but not be too much. I’m telling you I looked everywhere! I even had interior designers looking for me and we couldn’t find anything close. So, I gave up on my dream until I got an email from Shopstyle that my rug had gone on sale!! Sale, combined with 5 gift cards and my savings = the dream rug! It was delivered yesterday and I’m so over the moon excited…and I won’t let the dogs walk on it. I’m sure that won’t last very long. We’ll see. Gunnar is completely afraid of the color. I mean there isn’t color like that anywhere else in my house. He paws at the rug but runs in the other direction. I’ll have to catch it on video!

So, I haven’t caught you up on life in a while so here come the bullet points.

  • My parents are coming in town Thursday night and I’m so overjoyed!! I miss them. Having family far away is hard but it definitely makes those times that you do see each other richer!
  • In my college film photography class I had to replicate the art of a famous photographer, and I chose Irving Penn. But Meggie, that was so long ago what does that have to do with life now? Well, I got to go see his exhibit in the Dallas Museum of Art and I LOVED it, thanks so much for the tickets, Rebecca! The photo I redid was in the collection and I think I stared at it for 10 minutes without moving. I also learned that I love Irving Penn more than I already knew! He did a lot of Vogue magazine covers and a lot with fashion but he never seemed to lose his down to Earth side, visually showing that beauty is fleeting and wealth eventually ends. It was amazing and completely inspiring.

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  • I dropped olive oil and shattered it all over the counter, sending a glass shard into my toe. I couldn’t even look. I am hoping that it gets better before Thursday so I can get in the lake and water ski with my parents!! Prayers.
  • We got a Roomba Vacuum cleaner! I may have already told you this, but that goes to show how much of an impact it has had on our lives!! We love it!
  • We spent two days in a row hanging out with new friends (I hope they aren’t sick of us). We are so happy to have people so wonderful in our lives and so close!
  • The Olympics!! We have been watching Olympics non-stop. Well, Aaron has. I got kind of tired of it until this morning and I turned it back on. I mean, it only happens every 4 years!!
  • I’m reading a book about being gluten-free (Brain Grain) and it makes a really good case, but my lunch suggests that I am not ready for that to be my lifestyle as I had two pieces of hand-made wheat bread filled with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. What are your thoughts on the gluten-free phenomenon?

This week at church we talked about contentment. I know, I started the post by talking about getting “more stuff” and I’m ending it talking about contentment. But, the thing is…as much as I love pretty, new, shiny things, I am happy with my life. If nothing changed, I would be happy. I have a great family, two amazing puppies, a handsome hubby, wonderful friends, and my Savior. And really, what more could you ask for? I hope you all find contentment in your daily lives! Have a great week!

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