Manic Monday

Fireworks, friends, and a new boat!

As most of you probably know, July 4th is one of my favorite holidays! So, instead of blogging last week, I was out enjoying the holiday! Aaron and I decided to pack our weekend full of fun and it was definitely worth it!

First I need to rewind and explain that Aaron proposed on the 4th of July two years ago in New York City! Oh my goodness was it the best time ever! We took a boat cruise in the harbor between NYC and Jersey and as soon as the fireworks began over the Brooklyn Bridge, Aaron dropped to one knee and proposed. I jumped up and down and everyone on the boat was clapping! My parents and sister were there and we all celebrated with a bottle of champagne at the Waldorf! I will never forget that night! It was soon followed by many phone calls and FaceTimes to tell all of our family and friends!

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This year, we are in a completely different phase of life, it’s our second 4th of July as a married couple and we were so excited (I was a little more than him, as usual). I baked a blackberry cobbler (from handpicked berries), we went to Taylor and Dan’s house and had fun with our new group of church friends! We are so grateful for this group of people! They are so much fun and they love the Lord. It is also really cool to hang out with people who are in your same phase of life. We all get that married life is fun and challenging. But, we did something before we got to Dan and Taylor’s for the BBQ…. we bought a boat! I can’t even believe it! We own a boat (well, half of a boat). We went in on it with Aaron’s dad and it’s been such a good time already! The boat (we need to name her… if you think of a good name let us know) has already taken us tubing, cruising and water skiing with friends and it’s just too much fun to handle! I love it! We pack our coolers, chicken fingers (it’s a tradition thing) and some fruit and head out on the lake. It’s so fun!

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We have also been crashing our friends boats! Because, why not? Last Monday the water was rough, but the lake was still calling our name! So, we headed out on the boat. We got on the boat at the Rockwall Harbor, and I just thought it was so surreal. Since we moved here, I have watched everyone in the Summers get on and off boats in that harbor and I have just hoped that we could one day do the same! And last Monday was that day! We got on our friends’ boat, floated out to the rough waters, let down the anchor and jumped on a big 8 person float! It was so fun!

The holiday weekend is over, which means Aaron and I are getting serious about our fitness and we are doing our best to get all of our 10,000 steps each day, and to workout, and even to eat better. Which I don’t know how well that will go. But, we are trying! If you have any easy, healthy recipes feel free to send them our way! We tried this Grilled bread, Tomato and Cucumber salad the other night and it was delicious! Complete with basil, one of my favorites! We have been trying to eat up all the tomatoes from our garden!

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I have talked about marriage before and how I think it is hard, but something I have really been thinking about lately is that hard things take more effort. I mean that is a really simple statement, but it is true. If something is a little more difficult, it may take a little more time. So, what kind of time are you putting into your marriage. What sort of investment are you making? Aaron and I have been reading The 5 Love Languages. I used to give it as a client gift before I was married and I now realize just how helpful it is in a relationship. Not only marriages, but friendships also. If you are anything like us, you speak two totally different love languages and you feel like you are doing all these things that should make the other person feel loved, yet they just don’t understand it. They receive and give love in different ways. I can’t wait to continue going through this book with Aaron. Has anyone else felt this?

Last highlight of the last couple weeks, we went and saw “The Secret Life of Pets“. I laughed through the whole thing. I loved it! I just thought some things were so clever, because I really think Gus and Gunnar probably think the same things. I mean, if dogs could talk, they would probably be spot on!

Wedding season is winding down for me. I LOVE photographing weddings, but I also love enjoying the Summer, so I’m happy to have a little bit of a break. I am going to be working on catching up on editing, blogging, and quickbooks. Blah. My least favorite thing, but oh, so necessary! My fellow business owners know what I’m saying! Plus, I am working on a couple new things that I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned!

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