Manic Monday

Pink Flamingo floats, thunderstorms and puppy snuggles… I would say this week was a good one!

Leaving Behind

Every week I realize there are things that I could have done better, things that I could have done, period. I tend to be my hardest critic and I go over and over things in my mind, fixating on small things that I wish I could change. But, reality is that we get one shot at things and things don’t always go the way we want them to. Grey’s Anatomy (my current Netflix binge watching obsession) reminded me that there are two kinds of people… there are watchers and doers. We can either¬†figure out what we want and go get it or we can watch others go get what they want. This week I am going to stop watching other people get their dreams and continue to chase mine.

Taking with Me

Joy: This week the sun came out to shine for a small while, and even though the weekend had one of the biggest thunderstorms I have ever been in, I enjoyed the sunshine for the majority of the week!!

Friendship: As you may know I took Friday off for a pool day! It was amazing for many reasons. First, I enjoyed it in a giant pink flamingo floaty. I have been wanting to by one for awhile but I have been resisting and I finally gave in! I’m so glad I did! And, Second, I enjoyed it with friends. A year ago I didn’t think it would be possible to have so many wonderful friends here! I am so grateful for friends

IMG_1464P I N____________________save this for later

Love: My handsome hubby has been traveling a lot for work lately, it is just the season for it. But, thankfully we have two very adorable fur babies! One of which has given me morning snuggles after breakfast. I don’t know what I would do without them!

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Passion: My dad always said to find what you love doing and to do it for the rest of your life. Well, I love art. And, I get to make art and preserve memories for people every day. I am so glad that I can do what I love doing every day. This weekend was complete with two beautiful weddings and lots of photos.

Manic Monday Meggie Taylor_1069P I N____________________save this for laterI hope you have a flamingo floaty kind of week full of sunshine, love, passion, and friendship!

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