Manic Monday

Mondays are dreaded days for most…being the end of the weekend, but honestly I love Mondays! I wake up and usually I am excited to start my day because it is a new beginning and a fresh start. Mondays bring excitement because the week is starting over with a clean slate. I try really hard to keep things that may not have gone exactly how I had planned in the past, to learn from them, and not to carry my feelings about them into the new week. Manic comes from the word mania which means excessive excitement, which some would say I model on a regular basis. Small things make me so happy!! I am beginning a new blog series where I will be talking about good exciting and bad exciting things that have happened throughout the week or past weeks, things I am reflecting on or leaving behind as I move into the week ahead. I hope this helps to let you into my personal life a little more!

Leaving Behind

The fact that I haven’t completed my BSF for the last 4 weeks because I have either been sick, out of town, or working on editing.

Taking With Me

The fact that I am growing my business in Texas!

Aaron and I joined a life group at our church and we love it! We had everyone over to watch the Super Bowl game and it was a BLAST!

My family was able to spend 4 days in town visiting Aaron and I and we got to have dinner at a fun new restaurant called Saint Rocco’s and see lots of friends from Arizona!

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Aaron surprised ALL of us (Mom, Dad, and I) by flying my sister in to be with us this weekend! This was probably one of the best surprises I have ever had, and I will definitely bring this enthusiasm into my new week!

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We all went to Waco to visit friends and to see the Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia Market from HGTV’s Fixer Upper! It was a wonderful experience complete with shopping and food trucks!

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For Aaron’s birthday, I gave him 7 days of birthday which consisted of a goofy poem and something Dr. Pepper everyday (his favorite soda). The last day was 2 tickets to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, so we had to make the trip while we were there! It was so fun to see the old (hilarious) commercials and all the memorabilia people have collected and donated.

Manic Monday_0664P I N____________________save this for later

I am so happy to be starting a new week with many exciting things to look forward to! See you next Monday!

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[This week all my photos were taken with my iPhone]

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