Manic Monday: Daydreaming

As I sit in my office today… all I can think about is where I will be tomorrow! I don’t think it’s a secret that Aaron and I love our together adventures! And, tomorrow we are speeding up the clock to celebrate his November birthday! Wedding season and the apparel business gets really busy around Aaron’s day of birth so we decided to celebrate early this year! We are going to Danbury, CT and NYC! We are so excited… did I mention Aaron is turning 30 this year? That’s right! We had to go big!

When Aaron was in college, he played for a Summer league up in Connecticut. All of the players were told to be at the gymnasium early in the morning so that they would get their living assignments. Some players got apartment assignments and others got to go live with a family. Aaron stood there as people came in and picked guys to go stay with them. This is when he met the Mel’s. Mrs. Melanophy walked into the gym with her daughter, and she (Mrs. Mel) says that they just told her to “pick one”. So, she tried to pick the nicest guy she could, not knowing anything about them. I personally think she picked rather well! And, I think she would agree. The Mel’s have been an extension of Aaron’s family for years and now mine, too; and we are both so excited to go stay with them in Connecticut.

So, today as I jumped out of bed eager to try and check everything off my to-do list before we leave, I can’t help but think back on the last time Aaron and I were in New York City together… when he proposed to me. It was such a fabulous time! I was with my family, it was the Fourth of July (the sexiest holiday if you ask Schmidt “New Girl”), and we were watching fireworks! We celebrated with a bottle of champagne from my favorite hotel (the Waldorf) and it was perfect!

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