Manic Monday: A Memorial

It’s definitely wedding season! And, my personal favorite wedding season…peonies season! They are just gorgeous! I love how they look, I love how they smell and I love the price (that is if you buy them at Trader Joe’s)! Anyone else? If you haven’t seen that, Trader Joe’s Sells peonies for $6.99 a bunch! Does anyone else have personal favorites from TJ’s? I’d love to hear them.. it’s about time for me to make a grocery run! All that to say, things are crazy busy right now and today my “Manic Monday” is technically being posted on a Tuesday. This week I am going to dedicate my post to my Nana Dolly.

Last week was memorial day, and I hope you all got to go do something fun with your day off while remembering all the people who have died serving our country! Aaron and I got to go out on the lake with some of our favorites, Amanda (Embrace the Day Events) and her husband, Alex, and Emily (Petals Couture) and her boyfriend, Sam. Emily and Sam bought what I have named Barbie’s Dream Boat (I hope Sam isn’t reading this.. If you are, Sam, know that is the ultimate compliment from me)! It is Pink and Teal, and it is perfect for skiing, tubing, and cruising…everything you need for a perfect lake day! With all the fun, I someone always think of someone very special to me as I see all the American flags flying proud. I LOVE ‘Merica so much, 4th of July is my favorite holiday to celebrate, and I think that is partly due to my Nana Dolly.

Memorial Day_1008P I N____________________save this for later

Those of you who knew her know that she was quite a firecracker (did you like that Patriotic pun?). She would say whatever she wanted and get away with it, as I’m sure most people do as they get older. Playing Balderdash was always fun to hear her make up silly definitions! She served as a flight nurse at Pearl Harbor during the War and lived a wonderful life after her service. She met my Papa, who was an eye surgeon, during the war. Together they built an amazing family. There are so many great memories of Nana Dolly, but one thing I will never forget was how much she LOVED America, I must get it from her. She was the most patriotic person I have ever met, and she was truly in love with President George Bush. Really. She had a picture of him hanging in her cupboard and she would tell us often how they would meet one day. She had a wonderful imagination and was an amazing storyteller, but my favorite stories weren’t the ones she made up…my favorites were of her time in the war. She would talk about scrubbing in on a surgery with my Papa and how he wrote his name on her date card. She would tell about her articles in magazines and dancing to Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood”. She was a ball! She passed a few ago close to memorial weekend and the nurses at the hospital sang her the National Anthem as she went to be with Jesus. It is so sweet and so perfect if you knew her because she would have wanted nothing else.

Memorial Day_1007P I N____________________save this for laterI write all this to say thank you to the men and women who died serving our country. I got to enjoy the company of my beautifully patriotic grandmother, others were not so lucky. We live in freedom because of all of you who have served, will serve and are serving our country. I am so grateful!

Memorial Day_1009P I N____________________save this for later

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