Manic Monday

It’s May! Can you believe it? April showers bring May flowers and I’m so happy to be through most of the storms. We are through most of the storms… right? I sure hope so. The tornados are a new thing for me and it totally freaks me out! If you have any suggestions on how to cope with that natural disaster, I would love to hear it. (I know those of you who live in Oklahoma are probably laughing at me right about now).

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I have been MIA the last few weeks. The last time I blogged I was on vacation with my hubby for our anniversary, and then I let three whole weeks pass without updating you on the goings on in my life. I know it’s not a critical part of your week, knowing about my week doesn’t directly affect you, but I hope that it does help you to know me better! Since we chatted last, I have been to Charleston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The adventurer in me just can’t be stopped! I’m so grateful Aaron likes to experience different cities with me!

Leaving Behind

The very embarrassing fact that I almost passed out while the pest guy was at the house. I was pulling Gus by his collar to get him in his kennel when he decided he wanted to roll over and make my life more difficult. He pulled my finger out of the socket and I just simply said (out loud), “That hurt” very mater of factly. The pest guy saw me walking back toward the couch as all the color drained from my face and he asked if I was alright. I replied by saying, “Yes, I am just going to pass out” and I immediately sent him into a panic. He was getting water, trying to call someone for me, and reassuring me that everything was going to be alright. I just said, “Thank you” as I continued to sit with my head between my legs. I am grateful someone was there while that happened, but I just kept saying, “I can’t pass out, you are a stranger.” Oh man. What a funny thing to happen. Now my left hand is still swollen and I’m just glad it’s not my right! I’m debating about going to the doctor.

Busyness that takes away from life. It is easy to get wrapped up in my business. There are so many benefits to working at home, but the hardest part is leaving my work alone. I try really hard to stick to 10-5pm or 10-6pm hours, but sometimes I find myself still editing a session at 8 or 9 o’clock. I will just see my computer sitting open on my desk and just have to finish something. Kind of like how I am writing a blog post right now (at eleven PM). This week, I am going to try to quit at 6pm. My work will still be there waiting for me in the morning. Plus I think this will help me to prioritize my daily tasks.

Discouragement… I constantly am hard on myself for things I don’t accomplish that I say I will. Or, for just giving up or not having enough self-control. I have been trying so hard to achieve a certain fitness goal and I stick to it for a solid week and then it slowly fades away. This weekend I made terrible food choices, but I am leaving that all behind and I am going to start up again this week with a clean slate. I am going to eat healthy.

Bringing With Me

A relaxing weekend. Most weekends are full of work. Sometimes it is a wedding, or sometimes it is a family photo session or a senior session. All of these things I totally enjoy, but it is so nice to have time off when Aaron has time off.

IMG_0560P I N____________________save this for later

Heather’s bachelorette party and lingerie shower were this weekend! I got to throw my first shower! It was so fun. Aaron’s cousins Mackenzie and Kasie came over and we all put our heads together to decorate and have some fun! I couldn’t have done it without them! We went to the DryBar at NorthPark Mall. I think it was worth it just for someone to play with my hair. It felt so good! Once we were all beautified, we went to Saint Ann’s for brunch. It was delicious. Then, we came back to the house to have some lingerie fun! It was a great Saturday.

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Gus is my favorite puppy! Aaron and I have been saying we wanted to take Gus on outings and we just haven’t had the time, but Sunday we were able to meet some friends at a couple dog friendly bars and restaurants! And we took Gus to his first dog park! Boy, was he a happy puppy!! And, I realized how fast of a swimmer he was. He would jump into the lake and race the other dogs to the tennis ball. I was so proud of him. He just went after it! Proud mama moment. Sunday was one of my favorite days in a long while. The best part, was spending time with Aaron.

IMG_0542P I N____________________save this for later

Today, I picked up my friend Lauren Cotter (of Laurenish Design) at the airport!! I LOVE getting to see her. We don’t have to do much, we can just sit on the couch and hang out and love life together. She is creative, inspiring, and I learned tonight that she is also a great teacher! She flew out to teach three hand-lettering classes at Vintage Home (the store I have been working at every once and awhile).

The last 3 weeks were full of photo shoots, today I caught up on all my editing (I have one wedding left) and I couldn’t feel more relieved! This week will be a week for catching up on the business side of things and getting my thoughts back on the blog… all before Aaron and I leave for another trip on Friday! Can you guess where we are headed?

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