Manic Monday

Today I realized that I don’t normally work on Mondays. I mean, I do…but not if I work on Saturday or Sunday. This weekend I had a wonderful engagement session on Saturday and so I took today “off” which got me thinking that Manic Monday’s might soon turn into Tuesday Tidbits. We’ll see how long the Manic Monday series lasts.

This Monday was a little more difficult than other Mondays. I didn’t quite wake up with positive outlook I talked about in my previous post. However, I have worked hard to change my mindset today.

Leaving Behind

I have made terrible food choices (like indulged in everything delicious and unhealthy) and I didn’t go to the gym once.

 Taking With Me

I enjoyed an impromptu Valentine’s Day shoot with two of my favorites in the wedding industry, Amanda of Embrace the Day Events and Emily of Petals Couture.

Valentines-0104P I N____________________save this for later

Our friend Adam was in town from Phoenix visiting and we did so many fun and new things! It was so great to see him!! We miss him a lot.

I let Aaron and Adam drag me to a new BBQ place, wait for it, in a gas station! Yeah, that scared me too when they told me, but it was the BEST BBQ I have had since we moved to Texas! Thank you Mack’s BBQ!

I learned that I am really good at relaxing at the Perot Science Museum. I leaned my head against a machine and when my brain frequencies reached a certain level, it shot a ping pong ball into the air. In one minute, I shot 52 ping pong balls! Aaron and Adam were both under 30.

I have slowly started catching up with my Bible study. My BSF leader called and prayed for me and I think it was one of the most touching things. She prayed things that I had been thinking and feeling, but hadn’t told anyone about. I am so grateful for her.

I had one of the best engagement sessions this weekend at the Texas Discovery Gardens and then we took photos down in Deep Ellum (where the couple met). It was the highlight of my business week! Laura and Daniel were so fun to hang out with!

Daniel&Laura_Preview-7771P I N____________________save this for later

Aaron and I went to use our $10 Genghis Grill gift card for our $25.98 meal, and turns out it was a $25 gift card which made our dinner .98 cents! What a treat!

I saw two movies this week, How to Be Single and Deadpool. Loved them both! I also decided to do something I have heard a lot of Texans do, and I ordered a pickle at the movie theatre! How to Be Single was not the next Bridesmaids like I thought, but it was a cute love story with some great humor! Rebel Wilson makes every movie she is in! I just think she is so funny! Deadpool was definitely not appropriate, but so funny. My new favorite theatre is the LOOK. We got to sit in really nice recliners to watch our film.

Thanks for reading little bits and pieces of my life! I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

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