Manic Week

What a whirlwind of the most fantastic weekend we had! And, I can’t believe it was already a week ago! When your parents live in another state, you cram as much as you can into their visit to Texas!!

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I love my parents so much! They are fun, getting younger at heart the older they get, they love each other well, love our family well, and they love God. It was such a pleasure to have them here in Rockwall for the weekend, and boy did we make the most of it!

They came in Thursday night and we stayed up until 3 in the morning just talking and of course, sipping on some vino. Friday, we went to the World Trade Center so my parents could see the Wrangler office where Aaron works and to look at all the home decor stores! We even found a few pieces of jewelry that we just had to have! Thanks, Mom! Rodeo Goat was our next stop… and it was AMAZING! If you haven’t been, it is a must! Amazing food and a very fun atmosphere! The tater tots were the bomb!

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Then, it was off to our first lake attempt which was so close but totally not a success. When we pulled up the water was like glass and we thought, there is no way! And, seconds after the boat was off the trailer a HUGE storm rolled in, crushing our water skiing dreams. But, it was ok because we traded an afternoon on the lake for watching olympics and playing games! I’m totally blanking right now on the name of the game. What’s that game where you have all the trivia questions and they give you different categories? Anyways, my dad and Aaron dominated. Mom and I were left feeling like we needed to hit the books, or rather study sports since we managed to get every sports question under the sun.

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Saturday was very rainy and gloomy which to me said stay in your sweats and watch movies, so that’s what we did. Dad and Aaron picked a city that looked like it wasn’t getting any rain and drove there so they could play golf. Not much of a surprise. It was a fun, relaxing morning. Then, we got all dressed up and headed to Oak for restaurant week! It was wonderful. The atmosphere was so nice, great couches! If you ever go, ask for a booth! And, since it was restaurant week, they offered wine and cocktail pairing. If you know my dad, you know that he felt left out without a beer pairing, so Christopher (our waiter) took matters into his hands and created one just for Brad Burr…Aaron Taylor joined in. It was great!

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We squeezed in a trip to the Allen outlets (if you can call 20 minutes of shopping a trip) and then headed to iFly Dallas for some indoor skydiving. We gave my mom two flights for her birthday and it was so much fun! We both decided to do it and it was amazing. I think i’ve caught the bug now, though, and I will soon have to experience the real thing!

Sunday, we went to our life group, church, and then we tried out a new brunch spot (for us)…Culpeppers! Yes, they serve brunch and it was so delicious! After a nice Sunday brunch, we headed to the lake with some friends and we enjoyed lots of water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing! Oh, and Mexican food!

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Then it was time to say goodbye, but I am left with the wonderful memories! I just hope that I am such a fun parent when the time comes! Thanks for flying out to visit us, Mom and Dad! We wouldn’t have wanted to spend the weekend any other way. Love you!

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