Manic Monday

Well, it’s been another successful week! I am taking off for Houston today, so in the efforts of being brief and sharing life with you, I am going to bullet point my week.

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  • Aaron and I have continued reading the 5 Love Languages and let me tell you, it is eye opening. I have been familiar with the book for a long time, but I have never read every word between the front and back cover. We learned that we both receive quality time and we don’t speak it very well. It is so easy to multitask while talking to each other instead of spending 20 minutes just sitting and talking to each other without distractions. #squadgoals this week to spend quality time together.
  • We laid sod! Wow, it was a lot harder work than I thought! But, it was so fun and I earned a lot of steps! Michele, the gal I work for at Vintage Home, and her husband recently built their dream farmhouse. Oh my gosh can you say gorgeous?!? It was phenomenal! They also have started a Life Group at our church that Aaron and I have been involved with. (That’s how I’ve been meeting so many people) And, this weekend they needed help laying sod, so we all got together and made the big task go a LOT quicker! Maybe next weekend everyone will help us with our landscaping!

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  • We got to take the boat out again! Our friends Kylie and Gregg drove up from Waco to hang out with us! We hopped on our boat, drove it over to the Harbor, docked it, ate some amazing Mexican food at Gloria’s and then cruised around the lake and looked at all the beautiful homes. It was such a relaxing evening and so much fun to be with friends!

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  • Boot Scootin’- We joined two of our friends at Southern Junction the other night for some good ol’ country dancin’. It was a blast! Aaron and I used to go all the time before we were married and now we have found a place pretty close to us! It was such a fun time being spun and dipped all over the dance floor…in my boots of course!
  • Growth Group- Our life group has been broken down into smaller groups called growth groups so that we can get to know more of the couples better! So, we had people over for lunch yesterday and it was great! How fun to be able to just hang and fellowship with other people!
  • Pei Wei and World Market– Two of my favorites! Aaron and I went and walked around World Market looking for things for our home! It was so fun. We didn’t find anything we had to have right this minute, minus the acai dark chocolate bar that I couldn’t resist buying! But we had so much fun! And Pei Wei! I don’t know if I’ve shared this online but a lot of my friends and I have been counting calories and it’s been challenging but rewarding. So, I got super excited that Pei Wei now lets you substitute lettuce cups for rice! So, you can just scoop your honey seared chicken into the lettuce cups! Amazing! Ok, so maybe they’ve done that for awhile but it was new discovery for me.

Well, that’s about it for the week! I am glad you stopped in! I hope you have a fabulous week!

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