Frantic Friday: Creating Margin

Sometimes, I have a hard time giving myself room to enjoy life… you heard me right. Because if I’m honest, my business takes up a lot of time and it’s really easy to let that become my life. However, I have really been learning that margin in many areas of my life is not only encouraged but necessary to avoid conflict. In church last month, we learned about leaving margin in different areas of our lives so that we have a “grace gap”. For example, if you make X amount of money a month and you rely on X minus $10 a month to pay all of your necessities, you are really only allowing yourself a $10 difference, or margin. So, if you see a really cute pair of shoes that you want to buy and you do, you will mostly likely spend more than $10 on those shoes, and in-turn be upset with yourself about that purchase. You are not leaving enough margin and by doing so, creating conflict, whether internally or with your spouse is created. But, if instead of leaving yourself such a small margin, you decide to leave yourself a bigger “grace gap” you will actually be benefitting yourself in multiple ways. You will A, avoid conflict, and B make it easier on yourself if you need to spend a little more that month.

Maybe, finances are not a struggle for you, but your schedule is. Please tell me I’m not alone! I try so hard to fit in as many things as possible, especially when it comes to my business. But when I don’t allow myself some margin, or a break every once and awhile, I create internal conflict with myself. I get mad at myself for not being able to cross off everything from my list.

I have to say that retreating from the craziness of running a business and checking off to-do lists has such a great ring to it! And, not only is it fun, but I find that I am more productive when I return to my office after I allow myself some grace. As a creative, the to-do list is quite honestly a never-ending thing. I could probably re-vamp this or change that, edit for ages and then blog some more. But, a couple weeks ago Aaron and I decided to create some margin in our work lives by not packing it all in so tightly and by retreating with friends. We went with our friends to Cedar Creek Lake for a relaxing, fun weekend full of games, Sea Doos, boating, and lots of BBQing! And, boy was it necessary and insanely enjoyed!

I played my first game of non-Disney Yatzee…. and lost! (It wasn’t even close, but I would like a re-match), we cooked food for our friends, stayed up late chatting on the porch, and I even drove a Sea Doo (oh, and Aaron did so many donuts that I went flying off the back). It was great! We put some margin in our work lives, gave ourselves a break, and truly enjoyed our community of friends that we have found.

I would love to encourage you to look at different areas of your life and see where you may be able to create a little more margin so that you can enjoy life with a little less conflict.

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