Frantic Friday: My New Favorite Spot

royal-blue-grocery-edited-0430P I N____________________save this for laterDallas is a wonderful city, as I have learned over the last two years. Moving here was exciting and difficult all at the same time. But, after two years, I have learned to love it! You native Texans are cringing as you hear that it took me so long to fall in love with Dallas… and those of you from California, well I’m not sure what you’re thinking. However, I don’t have a ton of time to just go explore the city, but this weekend my friend Nicole came out and we got to try a few new places and discover some fun spots! My favorite being Royal Blue Grocery.

I have been in before to buy a quick lunch or to grab a soda, but I have never sat and enjoyed the ambiance that Royal Blue Grocery provides. Here are my top three things I love!

  1. The coffee! If you know me, you know that I don’t even really love coffee. I’m more of  a tea girl, but since my sister was here, I have been indulging in the occasional cup of Jo. Well, this is the best coffee I’ve had to date! I ordered the cold brew and added some almond milk and it was divine! Thank you!
  2. The atmosphere: What a fun place to sit down at a booth, open your laptop on the marble tables with a single rose decorating your space, sip your coffee (already mentioned in point 1) and just be. Wonderful music plays through the speakers while you are free to focus. Not only are the booths wonderful, but there is an upstairs with more tables, where you will find yourself admiring light fixtures and decor. Basically, I should make my office look and feel like Royal Blue Grocery and I would probably get a lot more done!
  3. The coffee! Just kidding. The store: There is a great selection of goods, food and beautiful flowers to take home with you after your experience.

Pretty much, Royal Blue Grocery is more of an experience than a grocery store and I’m pretty much obsessed. I will definitely be back.

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