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Hi Friends! I have a new blog series that I am launching because I have really had marriage on my heart for awhile now. In this new series, I will be talking about anything that may motivate us in this crazy hustle of a life, I’ll be talking about marriage, and you know it’s going to be out every Monday morning for you to enjoy with your cup of coffee, if you wish. I’m sure you know by now that I go to a lot of weddings. I love watching people be in love. It is such a beautiful reflection of Christ and his church. However, the wedding is only the beginning. What continues on is marriage. As you all have, I have witnessed a lot of different marriages over the years. I have seen my parents’ marriage, and when I got married I was now privy to my marriage as well as the marriage of my in-laws. Being that I grew up in a Christian community, I have watched many young marriages and I also had the privilege of watching my 69 year old aunt enter into marriage this year (first time ever being married after being proposed to 8 times). Talk about not settling.

My point is we see marriage everywhere, and each is different! They are beautiful or not so beautiful in their own ways. Two people coming together from different backgrounds and different ways of doing things is not always smooth, but sometimes it’s as if it was the most seamless transition. Since Aaron and I have tied the knot (three years ago), I have watched marriages begin and marriages end. I’m not naive to think that I am exempt because our marriage is far from perfect. However, I am always learning. I want to share those things with you!

A friend of mine, Kailee, has been involved in the marriage ministry at our church for awhile. I’ve seen her be able to share her passion for marriage and use it to help others. I have shared this same passion and not known what to do with it, until now. Who knows if anyone will even read these posts, but if they encourage just one person, that would make me so happy!

When I got married, I almost felt as though I had joined a new club. Once you join, the members let you in on a secret, that marriage isn’t always easy. And, for most, it hasn’t been easy. Had it really been hard for them before now? If so, they sure had a great way of hiding it! I think that in this day and age, we are being hit with so many different things every single day and so many temptations that life can be overwhelming and difficult. And, we are scared to share our struggles with one another. But, there is joy in marriage, even when that joy seems hard to find. I would love to share my thoughts with you, and I welcome your thoughts as well! Please feel free to comment on this post!

Oh wait? I just wrote all of that, and didn’t even explain what my plan is. I am going to be starting by reading a book called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. It was really popular when I was in high school, but I never had a chance to read it. My sister gave it to me awhile back and I have recently picked it up again. As I read each chapter, I will be sharing my thoughts and how they may help motivate us, encourage us as we start our Mondays. Thanks for joining me on this new adventure!

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