Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Can you believe Mother’s Day is just around the corner? May 10th get ready to celebrate the women who literally gave you life. I am so blessed to have had a fabulous mom who was always there for me! She is kind and loving and is one of my best friends. Now, being a mom, I realize all of the sacrifices she made and all of the things she did to make my life as amazing as it was and is! Thanks, Mom! I wanted to share a few of my favorite gift ideas with y’all in case you are not quite sure what to gift your mom this year. Click here to see my full Amazon List of Fun Ideas for every mom!

  1. Start with a Card. Tell your mom or wife how much you love and appreciate all that she does for you. This goes a long way and means more than you would think. Find a cute card like this one from HeyItsMeTay or make one yourself. It’s the thought that means the most. She also offers this cute design in a poster size!mama.card.listingP I N____________________save this for later
  2. Time to herself. Moms are always going, going, going, and they are seldom taking time for themselves or don’t want to ask for it… so gift them a day to themselves or a night away. Take the kiddos and do something with them and let your mama enjoy some time. I personally love to go spend the night at a hotel. I know new moms especially enjoy getting some sleep.
  3. Something sentimental. Does your mom love a specific place? Or, does she have a memory she talks about often? I found this cute little online shop called Mapiful. Don’t tell, but I ordered my mom a map of Coronado, CA which is one of her favorite spots! I think she will love it. You can also print a photo of your family and gift it to her in a cute frame. I linked some of my favorite frames in my Amazon list here.img_1067P I N____________________save this for later
  4. Spa Experience. You can gift a massage or a mani-pedi. Olive and June has a cute “Everthing Box” that is a great way to give mamas a way to do manicures at home, if going somewhere is not an option. Bath bombs and bath salts are also fun gifts. Anything that helps relax at home.
  5. A Subscription. Does your mom love coffee or wine or beauty products? There are so many fabulous subscriptions out there! You have so many options. I love my Fab Fit Fun Box! It is an amazing gift!! It is $49.99 and It comes with over $200 worth of fun products! You can gift one box. You don’t have to sign up for a subscription. I LOVE this box! Click here for $10 off your box. High Tide Society_0893P I N____________________save this for later
  6. Add to her library. Does your wife, mom, or grandma love to read? Pick out a book for her as a fun surprise. Need some ideas? Check out the MTayBook Club reading List here. Or, look at the Mother’s Day gift list here. 
  7. Flowers. Flowers are never a bad idea and you can find some wonderfully beautiful bouquets or make your own. I LOVE to go to Trader Joe’s and see what I can put together! They have so many fun options! Plants are a GREAT idea too! Flowers don’t always last that long, so why not gift your mom or wife a fiddle leaf fig or a cute monstera that will last as long as her green thumb can keep It alive? I have linked some cute household plants below!
  8. What I love about my Mom. My sister and I go this little book for my mom a few years ago and It was so fun to fill out together. It’s great for mom’s to know that you love them!
  9. Comfort and Beauty. Maybe your mom would love a new comfy Barefoot Dreams robe? Or fuzzy socks to wear around the house? Gifting a cute and cozy throw is always a great option, too!img_1071P I N____________________save this for later
  10. Hobbies. Do your mom love to do yoga? Or workout? Maybe she loves to make coffee or cook? The new Magnolia Table cook book is out just in time for Mother’s Day, and there are so many fun kitchen products and coasters linked in my Amazon list. Or, maybe your mom has been wanting to take bouquet class or a cake decorating class… you can always buy her a ticket to a workshop with a friend!

I hope this is helpful! Remember, It doesn’t matter what you get your mom. Just make sure you tell her you love her and appreciate her. Maybe make her breakfast and let her sleep in. Bring her coffee in the morning or cook a meal for her. She will LOVE It because she loves you!

I linked so many fun gift ideas on Amazon. See Full Amazon Gift List Here.

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