Manic Monday

Hey y’all! It’s Monday and I am just feeling so blessed and refreshed from my weekend! Weekends when Aaron and I are both home and have time to spend catching up on life are rare! This was a fabulous one! Read about my week, from food to my favorite purchase!

Leaving Behind

Any negative thought or attitude I had last week. (For some reason I really struggled with this last week)

Taking With Me

I had a fabulous lunch with my friend Chelsea at one of my favorite spots, Lyfe Kitchen! We talked about some ways that we can start to collaborate together with photos and I can hardly wait for what is to come!!

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I had a tax meeting which was so fun! I know, taxes and fun just don’t seem to go together. They do when your CPA is your next-door neighboor!! It’s great just grabbing my computer, walking through my yard and into hers, catching up and getting work done.

I had a fun, farm fresh meal in McKinney with my cousin at Harvest. It was some good down time after a long day of work. If you haven’t been to McKinney, it is one of the cutest towns! I absolutely love the shops on the square. And, we maybe finished our night with a slice of pie from Emporium Pies.

Saturday morning, Aaron and I went to a marriage conference at our church (Lakepointe). It was awesome! They talked about some real hot topics and I’m not going to lie I felt pretty convicted about some things in my marriage, but totally encouraged about others. But, I think that’s only normal. We are not perfect and it is good to keep working to better your marriage and to be the spouse you want to have. Our pastor says meet each other 75% of the way because half-way is not normally enough. It has almost been a year of marriage and I can hardly figure out where that year went, but it has been a year of growth and learning. I can’t wait for year two!

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I LOVE when friends come to visit! I got to see a friend from high school, Leigh, who is an editor for The Blaze and was here for Super Tuesday. It was fun to get to hang with her and to catch up on all the goings on in our lives before she headed back to Washington DC. She is such a great lady!

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Also, you should know that the tulips are blooming!! I’m so glad they survived the freeze the other night! I may have cried if they didn’t make it.

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One of my besties showed me the photographer Gray Malin awhile back and I obviously fell in love!! His colors, composition, perspective…AMAZING! His instagram is one of my favorites! I am happy to say I am now the proud owner of my first (very special) pair of Sperrys! I just couldn’t resist this fun purchase!

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I hope you have a fabulous week and remember that anything that has happened to you in the past, is just that, in the past! Enjoy what is to come and look forward to your future! Happy Monday!

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