How to Prepare for Professional Photos with a Toddler

Taking photos with toddlers can be stressful as a parent, but I wanted to share a few tips for you as I have taken many toddler photos and I have a toddler of my own. These four tips have helped me along the way, so I hope they help you too!

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Arrive Early to Your Photoshoot and Let Them Explore

It is great to get somewhere early and let your child explore and see every part of the location that they want to beforehand. It helps them be more content and a little worn out before their photos! Kaden has SO much energy that It is so crucial to take him to run around before we do anything that may require him to sit still. I even take him to the park before we go to the store. It helps tremendously!

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Bring a Change of Clothes

I have found that It It helpful to pack your photo clothes for kids. If they wear their outfit in the car, there is a big chance they will spill or spit up or wrinkle. But, if you wait until after they run around the location to change into their outfit, It is very helpful (at least for us).

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Lower Your Expectations

It is so easy to have high expectations for your photos. We see so many beautifully curated images on Pinterest or social media and it’s easy to think that all of our photos will look like those, since that’s what we see. But, it’s good to remember that every photoshoot is different and kids (toddler’s especially) just don’t have that long of an attention span, which is fine! It’s normal.

Also, you should know that as a photographer I have seen It all! I have seen fits, tantrums, running away, biting, hitting, denial, you name It. This is normal for a toddler so please don’t be embarrassed or get mad at your child. Obviously you know your child best and you know what will work best for them. You know if they like to smile at the camera or not. Take these things into consideration before your photoshoot. If they love m&m’s, bring them along! If they have a favorite toy, bring It for your photographer to hold. If they love singing Moana, then play the music while you take photos! All of these things can help. But remember, they are just kids and sometimes they have bad days. It’s important to give yourself grace!

Ask for More Candids

Hire a photographer that is great at capturing candids or photos on the move! This is PERFECT with toddlers! Catch them in the act of something fun! They will have a smile on their face and It will be less stressful for everyone.

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I hope you enjoyed these little tips!

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