DIY Easter Egg Craft for Littles

Easter is quickly approaching, and I am so excited!! I’m ready to make sticky buns and drink mimosas and celebrate that our Lord is risen! I am also excited because since Kaden has joined our family, holidays have become a little more exciting! I am looking forward to starting new traditions with him. While he is still a little too young to color eggs, I found a fun idea on Pinterest that I tried with him this week! Click here to see the original post. And, I’m sharing It with you because I personally think It was a HUGE success!

His Easter eggs turned out really cute, and this particular craft was mess free, which I think is fabulous on any given day. I hope that this gives you something fun to try at home while you are there with your littles. I did it with Kaden, who is nine months old, but I think you can easily adapt this craft for older kiddos, too.

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Step 1// Since Kaden is too little, I cut two eggs out of  card stock. You can do these as little or as big as you want, just make sure they will fit in a ziplock bag. Older kids could cut the eggs themselves. I had white card stock lying around so that’s what we used, but you can use whatever color card stock you choose! If you have a neutral home and want to make something you can frame and use for Easter decorations, It would be fun to use brown card stock.

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Step 2// Choose your paint colors and squirt some drops on your eggs or drizzle some lines. You just want the paint to be chunky so it can spread easily, but feel free to use whatever colors you want or your child chooses. If you have older kids, they can squirt the paint and drizzle the paint colors themselves. I picked some fun bright colors that we had lying around the house, but I think It would be really fun to do a neutral version of this craft as well! You could use cream, beige or gray paint if you wanted to match a neutral style home. Our house is very colorful, and I anticipate framing these eggs and putting them up in the playroom every year.

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Step 3// Once you have squirted and drizzled the paint on the eggs, slide It into a ziplock bag. Do your best to not smear the paint. Make sure the baggie is securely closed, and then you can even tape down the bag to a high chair or table so it doesn’t move.

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Step 4// Let your child go crazy pounding the paint and smearing it around on the egg. It doesn’t take them long, but it sure is fun! This is why I thought it was good to do a couple eggs. Once one was done, Kaden enjoyed doing a second one!

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Step 5// While the paint is still wet, carefully pull the egg out of the baggie and set it aside to dry. If you want to speed up the drying process you can use a hair dryer.

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Step 6// Once the egg is dry, you can either leave the egg the way it is, or you can take a marker and draw some lines or designs across It. Older kids may like this option so they can use a little more creativity! Feel free to write on the back and give the eggs as gifts, or frame them and use for a decoration in your house! You could even clip it to a ribbon to hang somewhere on the wall! There are so many options!

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I hope this was helpful! I can’t wait to see some of your DIY Easter Eggs!

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