Young Living Gift With Purchase// July

Every month Young Living has so many promotional oils that they offer. July’s Young Living gift with purchase is amazing!! And, even if you don’t… you can use all of these amazing products for yourself!

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Gentle Baby//

This oil is one of my ALL time favorite oils! I put It on me all the time when Kaden was fussy and It would calm him down immediately as a baby. Now, It is good to create a calm atmosphere, calm tantrums, and even help mama with all the emotions (especially while I’m pregnant). I just put a couple drops on my hands, rub them together and breathe It in. I also rub It on my neck or on Kaden’s feetsies.


This oil inspires feelings of courage, confidence and positivity. This is a great oil to diffuse at home or apply on wrists before school!


This is a powder that helps to promote a calm state and eases irritability. It’s a great source of magnesium. This is a great supplement for four years and up to be taken in water at night.


Provides a relaxing, quieting aroma that can be applied to chests or throats. It is also great to diffuse.


We use this one at night to create a calming, restful atmosphere for bedtime. It is great for our nighttime routine.


This oil is helpful in soothing emotions in time of distress and discomfort and also naturally soothes dry and sensitive skin.

This month’s Young Living gift with purchase is truly my favorite one yet!! I LOVE having these oils on hand for Kaden!! (to read about Kaden’s favorite oils click here). We use them all the time! I am going to start using the Kidpower oil for myself as well! I’ve seen adults using It and I am excited to try It since It came with our last order!

July Gift with Purchase

If you would like to try some oils, you can click here to get started. There is no obligation to buy monthly or do the business. You can simply sign up to purchase products.

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