My July Incentives for Joining My Young Living Team

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Have you been thinking about trying essential oils? Have you wanted to try replacing toxic chemicals in your home? Is there one product you are interested in or are you just intrigued and want to sample it all? I wanted to share my July incentives if you join our team! I LOVE giving newcomers gifts because it just makes life more fun! Young Living offers gifts with purchase, but I’m offering you even more if you sign up today!

First know that if you join our team you are not committing to ordering every month, and you DO NOT have to do this as a business. You would simply be buying and using products you need and love, that will elevate the health and wellness of your home. You would be supporting me, a small business owner, and getting plugged into an amazing community of other people striving for healthy living and non-toxic living in their homes.

My July Incentives for Joining Young Living

Gaining an Amazing Community

One of my favorite things about joining Young Living has been the community of men and women that I have joined. Right away you will get plugged into our amazing Facebook groups of thousands of other oil users. Everyone is united in the same goal, they are encouraging and super helpful in answering any questions that may arise.

Choosing a good team is SO much more important than I realized. I used to be on a different team and I didn’t really learn much about how to use my oils so they just sat on my shelf collecting dust. Once I joined this new community, my life changed because I was actually using my oils!!

Welcome Packet

When you sign up under my team, I will send you a welcome packet with all sorts of beautiful pages and a wealth of information. It will explain every oil in your starter kit, give you diffuser blends you can make with the oils in your kit, DIY recipes and more! I loved receiving my welcome packet, so I am excited to share it with you. I reference mine all the time!

Essential Oil Diffuser

If you join me in July, I will also send you a diffuser! Most people buy a premium starter kit that comes with a diffuser… and that is wonderful! But, you will soon realize that you want to diffuse in every room of your house! So, I will get you started with one of my favorite diffusers.


I will also send you one of my favorite essential oil rollers! This is fun because it is already diluted and ready for you to use. You can start carrying it in your purse and you will find you use it often when it is on hand.

How Do You Get Started?

If you are interested in joining my Young Living team you can email me at or click this link to get started by buying your Premium Starter Kit.

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