Frantic Friday: Communication

The biggest thing to change, grow and shape my marriage has been communication. It’s no lie that communication is hard. For someone who has so many words, I wouldn’t think it would be hard for me to communicate, but sometimes my reaction is to clam up, the exact opposite of talking. My hubs will say one thing, and while he means well, I will take it a completely different way. Does anyone else have this struggle? Or vise versa. I will say something that I mean as light-hearted and fun and it will be taken in a completely opposite way than I meant it. Has anyone else been there? Please say I’m not alone.

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Thankfully, we are always learning more and more about the other person, whether it is your spouse or a friend, so that we know their heart. The only way to continue learning about the other’s heart is to keep talking. To open up and share whatever is on your mind. If you don’t say it, they can’t know what you are thinking. It is necessary in any relationship to open up. Things need to be said whether you want to talk about them or not. If there is a problem it should be communicated if you want any chance at resolve.

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I used to think that communicating was sharing anything and everything that I was feeling. While that may sound good, there is such a thing as being too honest. Once those words are out of your mouth, there is no taking them back. So say them with care so that they don’t leave lasting damage on the ones you love.

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The best part is that once things are brought to the surface, talked about in a respectful way, there is resolve and that only brings you closer to the other person. You both become a safe place for the other person to confide in, knowing that they will love you no matter what.

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All photos are from my trip to San Antonio last weekend.

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