The Stroller I Can’t Live Without

I get asked about my stroller a lot when I’m out and about. We have the UppaBaby Vista stroller and We LOVE it!! We travel with it and everything. It’s so hard to not buy a million strollers, but I really think this stroller is one of the BEST strollers out there!

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Why Do We Love it?

I love it for so many reasons, but first and most importantly it is an investment in your baby’s life. It grows up with them! When we purchased it, it came with a basinet and a toddler seat. That was so awesome because we used that basinet ALL the time on walks before Kaden was able to hold his head up. I used to call my friend and walk around the house with the stroller so that K man would be calm and go to sleep.. he loved it! When we were out and about we used the Mesa Carseat. It so easily pops in and out of the stroller when we went inside. I thought this was genius because I didn’t have to wake Kaden up to go inside somewhere. He would just stay asleep in his carseat while I ran my errand. Then, we switched to the toddler seat and that has been amazing too!

Not only does It grow with you child, but It grows with your family!! You can have two babies on It if you buy the adapters! Which I think is genius. Aaron and I looked at the stroller for awhile and debated wether or not to choose this one because It was so expensive, but we decided we wouldn’t have to buy It and get a new one if we had another child, so It seemed like a good investment.

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I LOVE the big basket underneath. This is something I have realized I rely on quite a bit as we are going and doing. If we go to the splash pad, I just throw everything down there! Right now with COVID, I have had to take K to the grocery store with me and I just plop him into the stroller and put all the groceries in the basket down below! It really is so easy and I don’t have to worry about germs or anything with the cart.

It can travel! It is not compact, but we purchased the travel bags and we love bringing It with us! When you buy the UppaBaby travel bags and register them, it includes the UppaBaby travel safe program. Basically, your product is guaranteed while traveling so you can gate check without any worry. We were in Coronado and someone said to use, “Oh you have the nice stroller” and we said “Yes! We love It. My aunts bought it for us!” They told us how lucky we were and I totally agree! It is not inexpensive, but it is worth It for sure!!

There are so many fun accessories you can add to the stroller!! And, so many colors to choose from!! The toddler seat reclines, so many times Kaden has fallen asleep or taken a bottle while we are walking and I just recline the seat… So fancy! It has a cup holder you can add or a little organizer. And, my friend Sarah has the little tray that pops in across the toddler so you can give them snacks on the go! I LOVE this stroller so much! It also has a fun little step that you can attach to the back when your little is bigger and they can stand while you push! They’ve really thought of everything!

The UppaBaby stroller is one of our baby items, I couldn’t live without! Let me know if you have any questions!

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