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I have been sharing some of our favorite at home activities, but I do know that there is SO much more and so many people are coming up with creative ideas! I am SO amazed at all of the fun ideas people are trying at home!! I just had to share them with you! I hope this comes to you at a good time this week, giving you some fresh ideas while you are home the next couple days.

1] Get outside and start exploring! This little cutie is looking for bugs, and she found a beautiful butterfly! Simply trying to find critters is a good way to get kiddos focused and enjoying being outside. It lets them run around while still having some sort of mission. Thanks, Rebecca for sending in these cute snaps of Grace!

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2] Name and Letter practice. I love these fun pictures sent in by Brittany of her kiddos Bret and Hughes. She wrote out Bret’s name leaving blanks for her to fill in the missing letters. I love the idea of big pieces of paper on the walls. How often do the kiddos get to write on the walls? And, stickers are usually a hit with little ones. I love that Bret and Hughes are decorating their names with stickers and markers. And, it’s on the floor! Changing up where the kids work is fun so they feel like they are always doing something different.

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3] Sorting colors and creating patterns. These are great ideas! Use ice cube trays and craft ing pom poms to create different color patterns. You can also sort your toys based on colors by simply pulling out colored construction paper and legos. Go find some flowers or grass and sort the items into the colors of the rainbow! You can use other items for this as well, like the crafting pom poms or crayons, really anything you can find.

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4] Paint. I’ve never seen someone paint ice cubes, but how fun! These kids are also drawing on their paper with white crayon and then painting over It with watercolors. This is so fun for them to see the crayon through their paintings…kind of like creating a secret message.

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5] Be creative with things you have. A shaving cream bath? That sounds fun!! Or, instead of throwing away the rolls from that valuable toilet paper you stocked up on, tape It to the walls and let the kids slide pom poms down the different tubes. Send the kids out to forage for flowers and leaves that they can stick to cling wrap on the window… making a beautiful piece of art that the sun will shine through! You can even grab and decorate old socks to put on a puppet show!

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6] Practice letters and numbers. Math practice using actual objects is hands on and a lot easier to understand! And, I love this idea with a cookie sheet and magnetic letters. You can write on the back of the cookie sheet with a dry erase marker so that you can easily erase It when they are done.

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7] Spring Crafts are also great! Glue cotton balls on construction paper to make your own bunnies.

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8] Get outside and let the kids play in the sunshine. You can have a pool party, play with your animals, on a splash pad, or have some time on your picnic blanket. Changing things up from the norm helps everyone. Thanks, Stevie for the fun ideas and cute pics of Liam!

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9] Sidewalk Chalk. I have seen a lot of sidewalk chalk and It is not only fun for the kids! It’s fun for the people passing by to see what everyone is drawing! Thanks for sending these in, Whitney!

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10] Make a chore chart! My friend Taylor from heyitsmetay sent over some cute, free printables that she made for her daughter Riley! Feel free to download these and use them at home with stickers! heyitsmetay is also on Etsy.

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I am so amazed at your creativity!! I hope these few ideas give you some new things to try over the weekend!! Thanks so much to all the mamas who sent us so many fun activities!

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