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Scottsdale with Kids

Want to know what to do in Scottsdale with kids? As you probably saw, Aaron and I took a trip to Scottsdale to

Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a toddler is no picnic, but it is worth it! I love family vacations and sometimes we want to fly to

La Señora at The Saguaro Hotel

How The Saguaro Found Me When I lived in Arizona I used to take photos in Old Town Scottsdale, and I would always

Crumbl Cookies | The Best Cookie

I first heard about Crumbl Cookies from my sister after she visited my parents in Arizona. And, since then I have seen

3 Reasons to Get Away Post Baby

When Aaron and I went to Mexico, I was shocked at how many times people said, “Good for you!” after they

Exploring New Orleans

It was my first trip to NOLA so I thought It would be fun to share some of my favorites with y’all! About five

How to Pack for Vacay with a Baby

Anyone else out there hate packing as much as I do? I don’t know why, but it always takes me forever. Adding

Houston Adventures

I take so many photos when I travel, but I’m so terrible about sharing them!! So, I’m going to start digging through my


As someone who is constantly craving adventure and new experiences, I have moved a lot since I went off to college.

Frantic Friday: California Here We Come

Surrounded by palm trees, sand between my toes and the crisp ocean breeze, all I could be was grateful! Grateful to be

Frantic Friday: Communication

The biggest thing to change, grow and shape my marriage has been communication. It’s no lie that communication is

Frantic Friday: Hey Britney!

If you would have told 12 year old me that I would be at a Britney Spears concert in Vegas at age 29 I would have