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Baby Ivy | Newborn Photos

This little babe means so much to me. Not only are her mother and I great friends, but Aaron and I have been praying

5 Outdoor Activity Ideas While Staying Home

It seems like we have been staying home for quite some time now, so just in case you are running out of activities to

5 Indoor Activities For Littles While Staying Home

Hi there Mom Friends! Here are 5 indoor activities for little while staying home. If you’re like me, you are

My 3 Favorite Watermelon Recipes | Say Goodbye to Summer with the Last of the Watermelon

Summer is officially over, which I can hardly believe! That flew by so quickly!! Watermelon is always a Summer

The McDonald Family

The McDonald family recently welcomed Pippa to their family and I am so excited to share with you their fun family

Allison Rose Archibald

So, I got to meet this little cutie! She is such a little sweetheart already and I loved her little nursery setup! I