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Parker + Nicole’s Dallas Engagement

This time, I’m doing something a little different on the blog… I’m letting Parker and Nicole tell

Shane + Kim’s White Rock Engagement

It all started as a set up and Kim didn’t even know. Their mutual friend Nick was throwing Shane a going away

Noah + Marissa’s Beach Engagement

Through mutual friends, Marissa and Noah met at their youth group in high school. They became friends and she asked him

Luke + Michelle’s Bishop Arts Engagement

Luke worked with Michell’s (now) sister-in-law, Chelsea. He was friends with her on facebook and saw Michelle in

Adam & Katie’s Desert Engagement

These pictures mean so much to me that I can’t even begin to write about these two wonderful people. When I look

Mark and Kristine’s Texas Engagement

New to Seattle, Kristine got a job serving at a restaurant. Her general manager asked if she could set her up, but

Connor and Charlotte’s Papago Park Engagement

Charlotte walked into Harvest Bible Chapel’s student ministry for the first time and she couldn’t help but

Cole + Lauren’s White Rock Engagement

When I asked Lauren and Cole about how they met, they said, “We could start out by saying ‘TINDER

Will + Mackenzie’s Playa Del Rey Engagement

Both in Austin during SXSW, they met at Alamo Draft House (the movie theatre). While talking, they quickly realized

Kenny + Jillian’s Addison Engagement

They were at a hotel bar in Houston for a March Madness tournament. Jillian’s friend walked into the bar

Frantic Friday: California Here We Come

Surrounded by palm trees, sand between my toes and the crisp ocean breeze, all I could be was grateful! Grateful to be

Andrew + Natalie’s Desert Engagement

These two lovebirds’ story goes back to high school! They were always great friends. Towards the end of their

Ralph + Michelle’s Gorgeous Arbor Hills Engagement

Her Junior year of college at University of Houston, Michelle decided to join a business organization. Little did she

Wes + Carly’s White Rock Engagements

Thanks to mutual friends Wes and Carly ended up at the same get-together. Wes had his guitar and Carly just had to meet

Eric + Samantha’s Downtown Phoenix Engagement

Eric and Samantha met at Handle Bar J’s while Samantha was on a date with one of their mutual friends. And Handle