Book Club Check In: Sharp Objects

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So that there are no spoilers, I just want you to know that I have read through chapter eight in Sharp Objects. Continue reading to discuss this far in the book with me! I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised so far. I haven’t wanted to put this book down. It just keeps you wanting more. It is easy to see that things are a little twisted and some characters have darker pasts than others, while also alluding to oddities of other characters that I am sure will be revealed in chapters to come. But, unlike some of the blogs I had read before I started this book, I haven’t had to put the book down. Quite the opposite in fact. I just want more.

Here are a few questions, I have found myself asking up until this point in the story.

Reader Questions: 

  1. Soon after arriving in Wind Gap, Camille reflects, “Curry was wrong: Being an insider was more distracting than useful.” What exactly was Curry wrong about? What advantages did he think Camille’s “insider” status would bring with it? Was he, ultimately, wrong?
  2. Why is Amma so obsessed with her dollhouse? What significance does it hold for her?
  3. What similarities do you see between Camille and Amma? What similarities do you think Camille sees?

Our Answers:

  1. I think there were pros and cons about Camille being an “insider”. I think, however that Curry thought Camille’s insider status would allow the town to open up to her, however, her lack of presence over the years didn’t allow for much trust. People wanted to re-connect and hear about her life, which only left them asking questions instead of Camille asking the questions. I think he was wrong in some respects, but I think that he was right in that Camille knew who she was dealing with and the best way to possibly approach things. She just may not be able to betray them with the press in order to write an amazing article.
  2. I’m honestly not sure why Amma was so obsessed with her dollhouse. She threw a fit about everything not being perfect and I can’t decide if that is just part of an act she is putting on for her family? What do you think? It could also possibly be that she is trying to get attention from her mother who doesn’t seem to nurture them like most mothers do.
  3. I see that Camille and Amma both have some issues due to their mother. I haven’t really seen much yet that shows many similarities. What do you think?

If you are reading along with us, we would love to hear your answers, too! Please leave them in the comments below. And, feel free to discuss with each other as well! On the last day of the month, we will be sharing any insights from our book club meeting itself. See you then! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book!


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