Captivating: Beauty to Unveil

Women’s greatest desire is to be seen as beautiful just as a guys greatest desire is to know he is enough. I

Fab Fit Fun For Fall

Are y’all so excited for the Fall temps we’ll be seeing this weekend?? I am going out to buy a sweater

Moms Gone Wild

I’m always so behind on blogging what is happening in the moment, but I am really working on that. I want to share

Captivating: Healing the Wound

I kind of dropped the ball when we went to Africa on our mission trip and I got so wrapped up in all the events at the

The Gallery Has Moved

As a little girl, I would hop in the car with my family and head down to Tucson, AZ to visit my Nana Dolly for all the

Kit + Rebecca’s Maternity

So many people debate whether or not to do a maternity session, and I have to say that I think it’s a must! When

Aurelia’s Dallas Arboretum Senior Photos

Aurelia is one of the sweetest seniors I have met! She is beautiful inside and out!! She is also a swimmer, so it was

Our Next Book Is… Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Y’all I am so behind! We are half-way through the month and I am just picking the newest book selection for the

Brandon + Michell’s SMU Engagement

Brandon and Michell knew each other for years before they ever started dating! Brandon just happens to be the cousin of

Captivating: A Special Hatred

When I saw the name of this chapter, I thought to myself who’s special hatred for what? And, of course it all

Book Review: Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects was probably one of the most disturbing books we have read in our book club, but that doesn’t mean

The McDonald Family

The McDonald family recently welcomed Pippa to their family and I am so excited to share with you their fun family

Captivating: Wounded

Have you ever been to counseling? Even if you haven’t, you may have seen a counseling session in a movie or on a

The Ralston Family

When I first started attending Life Group at my church, it was the very first day and I remember walking into the