All Things Wedding: Cakes by Jenny Layne Bakery

When it comes to planning your wedding is there anything better than the cake tasting?  As excited as I am to taste the cakes, I know that it takes time and a great deal of planning to envision your perfect cake! That’s where Jenny of Jenny Layne Bakery steps in. I loved working with Jenny again during Shelby and Andrew’s wedding, and let me tell you, her cakes tasted just as delicious as they looked! I was so happy when she agreed to share all the in’s and out’s of a bakers life. Keep reading to hear from Jenny Layne Bakery.

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1. When was Jenny Layne Bakery established and how did it become a business?

I started making cakes in college at Texas Tech when I was 19. I wrote my business plan for a cafe bakery and moved home in 2008, after I graduated. I was operating The Jenny Layne Bakery out of my Mom’s apartment where I built my business and clientele over the course of 3 years. An opportunity presented itself and in 2012, and I was able to open my storefront on Valentine’s Day in Flower Mound, Texas.  It was by far the best decision I have ever made, besides marrying my husband : )

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2. What makes Jenny Layne Bakery stand out amongst other wedding cake companies?

I personally meet with almost all our brides. I like to show each person how much I care by sitting down and designing a cake that is unique to them and their wants. I think our service, price, and products are among the most important aspects of this business. Our cakes taste delicious, are never frozen, they’re made and delivered within 48-72 hours of coming out of the oven, and each cake is decorated with the love and care I would put into my own wedding cake.

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3. If a wedding couple booked your services, what could they expect their package to include? How far in advance should they book with you?

When we meet with our couples, we discuss cake design, serving size, dessert options, stand rental, delivery, and set up. Most people book with us about 6 months in advance of their wedding date. We like to go over all options and be the couples one stop shop for anything sweet or dessert related. When a bride books with us, they can feel comfortable and confident knowing we are willing to go above and beyond to make their day flawless and special. That means, anything that happens behind the scenes the day of their wedding is handled without having to interrupt their day or make them feel any stress, even if it’s us helping out another vendor.

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4. What is one thing the readers may be surprised to learn about Jenny Layne Bakery?

Most of the decorators are self-taught at the bakery, including myself. The team I have built is extremely family oriented as well as risk takers that enjoy a challenge and are supportive of each other while designing a cake and completing it to fruition.   We have a business major, an architect, a tye-dye master, and 2 culinary students who have turned cake decorating and baking into a full time job. We also just won a competition for the TV show Cake Hunters that airs are on the cooking Channel February 1st! Wahoo!

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5. How do you help to make each wedding unique for each couple?

Each cake flavor is picked by the bride and groom themselves. We never limit them to flavors or fillings, and are always willing to make anything we can find a recipe for. We’ve recreated grandmother’s recipes and cake flavors that have been brought to us from other states! Each design is discussed in maximum detail making sure every little touch is thought about and decided on by the bride and groom. We love to add our expertise, but ultimately want the couple to feel like this was an art piece at their wedding that they were able to create, we just make it for them. There are some designs that we see brought to us a lot. When I am going over cake designs that are repetitive, I try and come up with new unique ways of personalizing the cake, so we are not replicating something that people have seen before. We want our cakes to be unique and stand out in their own way as well.

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6. Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

At the end of the day, what we care most about is making our couples happy. We want to be a part of that special moment when their cake is cut and their guests are sharing in the joy of commitment, good luck, and fortune.   The wedding cake is very symbolic, and the perfect way to mark the ending of the wedding and the beginning of a new life as husband and wife.

You can check out more of Jenny’s cakes on Instagram and Facebook. And, if you want to get in touch with her you can email her at



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