As someone who is constantly craving adventure and new experiences, I have moved a lot since I went off to college. Even in my 5 years in California, every year was a different “home”. I lived in a dorm, in an apartment, in an old dark room behind a family’s pool, in another apartment, and in a beach house. Some living situations were better than others (clearly the beach hose takes the cake) but I always had my friends! Then, I moved to Phoenix, in and out of my parent’s house and into an apartment with one of the sweetest humans, across the country to McKinney, TX, to an apartment on the lake in Rockwall and finally into a home (where I think I’ve settled, or at least my things have settled for awhile). You can’t take the adventure out of this girl. I think I’ll travel as much as possible as long as my airline miles will let me. As I’ve moved all over I have learned really quickly that there are people that will be in my life forever. My lifers. People who just don’t give up on my friendship even if there are miles between us.

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Do you have lifers? There have been times when we have been in 3 different states, but we are inseparable. The distance doesn’t slow us down, it just helps us be intentional. Sometimes our texts are three words and sometimes the phone calls last 3 hours, but no matter where we are, we will love each other forever.

This weekend as we were sipping mimosas at brunch in San Diego, I couldn’t help but think how much these two ladies have shaped who I am today! I have learned so much from both of them. As we sat there talking about fun and light and happy, as well as the dirty and the dark or the sad, I knew that I was just so blessed. Being able to share your experiences and your raw and true self with your friends and continue to be loved (regardless of faults) is one of the best things in the world. To have friends call you on your faults and know that they are only saying it because they love you is a check that is hard but definitely needed and appreciated. I find it amazing that we are all three in completely different life stages, yet we respect and value each other so much! And, who am I kidding? We all have a great time together!

Nicole has taught me to stay fun, not to care so much about what people think of me, to live in the moment and enjoy life! She has taught me that it’s really important to know every lyric to every song when you are dancing… And, she has showed me that loyalty is one of the best qualities in a friend. She has grown so much since I have known her and I feel so blessed to have been a witness to her beautiful life!

Becca has taught me that organization really does help! That being a mom is not always glamorous but always worth it! And, that marriage is worth every little moment, whether it is easy or hard! She has also pushed me to get out of my comfort zone as she has lead by example. She’s been an amazing listener and problem solver and continued to show up when I’ve needed her the most.

This was a lot, so if you are still reading, I am really impressed! I guess all I’m trying to say is that it’s nice to step back and really be grateful for all that God has given you. All the blessings he has put along the way, especially the people. I can only hope that I can be as good a friend as these two have been to me!

Photo by: Vienna Glenn Photography

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